What if you finish early?

It is very important to take charge of your own life. You are the one responsible for your success. If you finish early, here are some options:

Continue Your Assignment

Are you sure you did your absolute best on the assignment? Is there anything else you can do or learn? Be sure to be honest with yourself. Are you achieving your potential/trying your hardest?

Work on a personal goal

Life should not be about what others want you to do. It should be about what you want to achieve in your life. What goals do you have? What can you do right now to achieve them?

Assignments from other classes

Work on assignments from other classes (I can help you, or another student that is done can work with you).

Practice Reading

Reading is one of the best skills to have. It allows you to learn anything on your own, and there's a lot to learn out there! If you'd like a book, I have some you may be interested in!

Practice Math

Math is a language that helps us to make sense of the world around us. If you do not have Math homework, you should go on IXL or KahnAcademy and work to understand math as much as possible.